The Dynamics of Co-Branding Strategies Within the Retail Sector of South Africa

The concept of co-branding as a branding instrument has been around for many a year. In the past decade we saw extensive growth in the use of co-branding as a brand leverage instrument.A study conducted by Johan Schwartz investigated the perceptions of brand practitioners towards co-branding within the retail industry of South Africa. This study found that retail brand managers perceive co-branding an effective and viable brand strategy.Academic authors suggest that co-branding occurs when two or more existing brands are combined into a new joint product or are marketed together in the same fashions.Co-branding also involve two or more firms that associate their brands together to create superior market offerings, or to engage in effective strategic or tactical brand-building program. The long lasting brand relationship between Wimpy and Engen is a classical example of joint ventures co-branding. Other examples of brands connections and the creation of a unique (and or new) products or service include: McDonalds and Coke, McDonalds and Disney, Shoprite and Computicket, KFC and Cadburys, House of Coffees and Russell Hobbs.In the past few years the use of co-branding as a brand strategy has excelled. National Retailers and financial institutions were at the forefront of the expanding this brand leverage strategy. Pick n Pay and Nedbank’s Go banking were one of the first well communicated co-branding ventures.Other retailers and financial institutions followed suit and a vast array of cross sector co-branding products were created. Examples of this inter-sectorial co-branding include, but are diffidently limited to, the following: Tiger Wheel & Tire and Hollard Insurance (Tire insurance), Shoprite and Capitech Bank (Money Transfers), Edcon and FNB (Home loans), Pep Stores and Nedbank (Pep Bank), Woolworths and Auto & General (Car & Home Insurance). In this research 112 retail brand practitioners were contacted and their perceptions towards co-branding strategies were measured though a structured survey (questionnaire).The result indicated that that retail brand managers perceive co-branding to be an important and effective brand leverage strategy. Brand managers indicated that in order for a co-branding venture to be effective, the venture must be a mutual beneficial venture and synergy must be created between the brands. The possibility of brand and sales improvement as well as the financial viability of the venture are also taken into account when proposed co-branding ventures are evaluated.The study firstly investigated the reasons why brand managers pursue co-branding strategies. Secondly the study investigated the preferred forms of co-branding. The study also examined brand managers’ main considerations when choosing a co-branding partner. Lastly the study investigated the sectors which retail brand managers prefer to co-brand with.Firstly the research found that the improvement of sales is the main reason for retail brand practitioners to pursue co-branding strategies. Secondly the research found that the improvement of brand image are deemed to be a lesser important reason for pursuing co-branding strategies.The research also found that reaching out to new segments of the market is another appropriate reason for brand practitioners to pursue co-branding. Extending the brand through a shared new product or service offering is deemed to be another appropriate reason to co-brand.The brand managers indicated that joint marketing co-branding was perceived to be the preferred co-branding form. Value endorsement and reach awareness co-branding were deemed to be the second and third most preferred co-branding. The research indicates that the possibility of sales improvement is the most important consideration when evaluating a potential a co-branding partner.The study also found that retailers consider the fit between the two brands as an important consideration when evaluating potential co-branding partners /ventures. The research results also found that companies in the FMCG sector are the preferred sector to co-brand with.The results suggest that the brand managers were not in total agreement and it implies that the when it comes to co-branding, retailers do not have particular preference towards sectors. When evaluating potential co-branding ventures, it seems that retail brand managers put more emphasize on the possibility of sales and brand improvement than on the sector they which to co-brand with.It seems evident that South African retail brand managers consider co-branding to be an effective and viable brand leverage instrument. Certain conditions and considerations were identified in this study. The perceived fit between the brands are deemed to be an important consideration when marketing managers evaluate potential co-branding strategies (and partners).Secondly managers aim to improve their sales and to reach out to a wider or new market segment when pursuing co-branding strategies. Thirdly the study found that joint-marketing co-branding were deemed to be the preferred co-branding form and retailers also indicated that FMCG companies were deemed to be the favourite sector to co-brand with.

How to Get Discount Renters Insurance

There are some people who rent property under the assumption their assets will be covered by their landlord’s insurance. Sadly, they often discover they were mistaken only when disaster strikes and they don’t receive compensation. With the wide availability of discount renters insurance nowadays, there’s no excuse for not protecting yourself. Furthermore, a landlord’s insurance only insures the property rented, while the items inside it fall under the responsibility of the renters themselves.One of the easiest ways to find cheap insurance is to go online. Insurance comparison websites are a dime a dozen these days and serve to aggregate the best quotes you could hope for. All that a person looking for affordable coverage has to do is fill out some basic personal details relevant to the search and submit them before the quotes are obtained. The companies usually affiliated with such sites are ones that are highly rated. Additionally, information is provided so that an applicant can directly contact an insurance agency with any further questions.Another way to obtain discount renters insurance is for a person to raise their insurance deductible. A large deductible also prevents a person from making too many small claims on their renters insurance. This works in the policy-holder’s favor as many insurance agencies tend to add surcharges ranging from 10-85 percent based on the number of claims the policy-holder files throughout a given period.Buying a policy for rented property from the same agency as the one from which auto insurance is bought is another means of getting discount renters insurance. Package deals are a way for insurance agencies to attract policy-holders and offer substantial savings on premiums paid by existing policy-holders. Most of the time, insurance agents are more than happy to tell you just what a discount entails.You should never compromise on personal safety, especially when living in property you don’t own. Insurance policies for tenants are generally extremely affordable as a rule, and there are always ways to obtain even cheaper premiums.

How to Make Your Room Appear Larger With Mirrors

It is a well known fact that wall mirrors not only add light and a very cheerful aspect to any room they also make your living space look so much larger.If you choose to use either wall mirrors or decorative mirrors you will see a dramatic difference to your living space, and you actually don’t have to stop there because you can use mirrors in your living space in many different and creative ways and of course don’t forget floor mirrors.If you have a large decorative mirror with a really good frame you can simply lean it against the wall and make an interesting interior design statement while appearing to increase the size of your living space.When using wall mirrors you can double the appearance of an increase in size of your living space by strategically placing wall mirrors on the opposite wall while adding light. This mirror effect works extremely well in smaller rooms where natural light from any window is reduced.The reflected light will increase the ambient light in the room and create quite an atmosphere, where this works really well of course is in a bathroom but as you practice with mirrored mirrors you will see just how dramatically any living space can be enhanced using mirrors.The use of floor mirrors is something that has to be controlled, although the materials that they are made from are robust and non-slip it is important to use them in environments where they cannot cause people to slip or cause embarrassment to anyone who may be wearing a skirt.When you use any mirror to make your room look bigger whether you are eventually going to attach it to the wall or not, try it in a few places first and not only get a feel for the light that it reflects but also take some time to see just how the mirror works with any windows.It is surprising just how light and reflections change at different times of the day and you want to be able to enjoy the sparkle and light at the times of the day when you are home and using the room so be patient and take a little time before you do anything permanent.